5 Most Anticipated Action Movies of 2022

Spring is here, and with it comes the annual buzz of the best action movies Hollywood has to offer. This year is particularly amazing with some of the hottest actors and directors lining up to give their audience a fresh dose of action. Last year was a particularly uninteresting year for action cinema with Covid restrictions causing major obstacles for everyone. It was a lot safer to just watch TV at home. The Spectrum cable company and many others saw a sharp surge in new TV subscriptions!. However, the movie scene may soon be returning!

In 2022, despite all obstacles in the way, Hollywood is going out bigger than ever with Marvel and DC making a huge comeback at your local cinemas.

Topmost anticipated action movies of 2022

The Batman

Starring: Zoë Kravitz, Robert Pattinson, Andy Serkis, Barry Keoghan, Jeffrey Wright, Peter Sarsgaard, Paul Dano, John Turturro, and Colin Farrell

Matt Reeves’ The Batman is turning out to be the biggest blockbuster of the year. When everyone heard about Robert Pattinson taking on the iconic role of Gotham’s Dark Knight, we didn’t know what to expect. He’s definitely given a new side to the role, a much darker side of Batman that we’ve all wanted to see. The film plays host to many of Gotham’s villains, especially Zoe Kravitz’s femme fatale showing as Catwoman.

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We get to see all of Batmans’ best gadgets, gear, and of course the infamous Batmobile. We also see a switch towards the Wayne Tower rather than the mansion which goes even further to explore the darker side of Batman who’s isolated from the society he lives in. A line from the movie still rings in my ears, “They think I’m hiding in the shadows. But I am the shadows”.

Top Gun: Maverick

Starring: Tom Cruise, Bashir Salahuddin, Ed Harris, Danny Ramirez, Glen Powell, Jake Picking, Jean Louisa Kelly, Jay Ellis, Jennifer Connelly, Lewis Pullman, Jon Hamm

Over thirty years later we finally get to know how it all worked out for Maverick in the Navy. This film is one of the most anticipated films of the year racking up nostalgia from all sides. In this movie, we get to see Maverick (Tom Cruise) having become a veteran pilot for the Navy and becoming its topmost aviator.

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As the years have grown on him, he begins to face his demons of the past. But he also shares his deep wisdom and experience with the new generation of pilots. Obviously, it’s not a Top Gun film if there isn’t an exciting flying mission for the pilots to accomplish. You’ll find all your favorite dogfight moments in this film and much more too.

Jurassic World: Dominion

Starring: Bryce Dallas Howard, Chris Pratt, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neill, and DeWanda Wise.

Jurassic World Dominion is the final edition to the Jurassic arch and what a finale it’s coming to be. With the two generations of Jurassic actors coming together, it’s truly the best cast we could’ve asked for.

The film begins in a world where the dinosaurs roam free and hunt alongside humans. The film explores the question of who is the superior species in the world and whether the two of us can get by together. With a whole new range of prehistoric dinosaurs to explore, this film offers us all the nostalgia of the past along with the excitement of the future.


Thor: Love and Thunder

Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Christian Bale, Chris Pratt, Natalie Portman, Russel Crowe, and Tessa Thompson.

Chris Hemsworth is back at it again in the Marvel universe taking on the role of the thunder god. Thor: Love and Thunder intend to put an end to the Thor arc and offer closure to all its fans. We were all sad when Thor was portrayed as a joke in the Avengers Endgame, he wasn’t even given any of the badass fighting scenes in the movie.

Love and Thunder are supposed to be the redemption card for Thor’s character. The plot of the movie is still kept under wraps but we all know you just can’t get it wrong with Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

Mission Impossible 7

Starring: Rebecca Ferguson, Tom Cruise, Hayley Atwell, Pom Klementieff, Vanessa Kirby, Simon Pegg, and Ving Rhames.

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The latest in the Mission Impossible series is finally coming out this year. Tom Cruise manages to pull off some more of his amazing stunts, this time recreating his infamous bike stunts as well.

The movie cost a staggering $290 million which is a tremendous increase from the last movie. With this much money and trust invested by the studios, we can be sure to expect an amazing action thriller.