What is Black Friday?

Black Friday” is the day that is celebrated after Thanksgiving and is identified as the beginning of the important day-off shopping festival. On this day, retailers and shopping malls in the US offer discounts and great deals on electronics, gifts, and any other things that excite customers to make the first purchase at a special discount.

On the other hand, you might be wondering about Black Friday as celebrated only one day. But it is not true as Black Friday is actually the day after Thanksgiving, and so the discounted shopping season is extended to offer discounts and serve customers for more than 24 hours. Also, the sales are believed to start on the weekdays of Black Friday and remain till the beginning of the next week.

Black Friday?

In the United States, Black Friday is an informal day that is celebrated on Friday after Thanksgiving Day. There are various shops and malls that provide increased promoted sales on this day known as Black Friday. Also, they start early or even at midnight on showing Black Friday as a Thanksgiving Day.

Black Friday is believed to be the most bustling day of shopping in the United States. It has been initiated since 2005.

It is a significant day in the US as people shop on this day and retailers earn huge profits. However, the share market is influenced because of additional holidays for Thanksgiving or Christmas day.

When did Black Friday start in the US?

Black Friday” is witnessed to create a positive impact on sales. It started in the 1980s as retail houses earned huge profits on a particular day of the year. It is observed as the highest sales day in the United States.

According to some reports, the foremost Black Friday started in the 1950s in Philadelphia. The city used the word Black Friday to welcome all shoppers from the countryside to participate in Philadelphia on this day right after Thanksgiving.

However, some Historians accept that the name “Black Friday” started in Philadelphia during the mid of 1960s. Many drivers and cops used to denote “Black Friday” as for heavy traffic. This is because on that particular day people would block city roads for Thanksgiving as they visited the stores.

Moreover, profits were usually written in black ink. And when shown in black it was considered a good thing. Also, it meant positive for stores thus, earning more profits.

Despite having profit of retailers during the year, Black Friday is observed as a significant day for most stores. Also, there are some stores who are in fact relies on day-off for shopping to earn profit for the year. But for others, Black Friday is a day when they make more money than other holidays.

Besides, Black Friday is the event that is observed after the U.S. Thanksgiving day and is also a traditional holiday for most workers. Retailers offer huge discounts and bonuses on this day to mark the starting of the off-day shopping festivals.

When is Black Friday 2021?

This year Black Friday will begin on Friday, November 26th, 2021. However, if you are wondering about Black Friday getting called off in the US, then you are wrong. Moreover, many retailers and shopping centers in the US are depending on these “Black Friday special discounts” for this year. Apart from this, the official Black Friday date changes every year, however, the day of the week still remains the same which is always Friday that is right after Thanksgiving day.

The Black Friday 2021 shopping season is arriving soon and is only two months away. It means wonderful sales from your best retailers such as technology, apparel, appliances, and many more.

As we know the actual date of Black Friday 2021 is on November 26, we should start looking for different offers and discounts coming along during this October. Moreover, Black Friday offers will be revealed earlier than before, and you can know all the special offers soon.

Due to increased online sales this year due to pandemics, you are going to observe more retailers on the internet than any other year. You will have many retailers to choose from where you will be receiving the best ever offers on the Black Friday season.

This year Black Friday’s is going to present special online deals which will make this season more significant for you. You can just shop simply from the comfort of your home and find the best deals for you on this Black Friday season.

What are the advantages of Black Friday?

Following are the advantages of Black Friday:

  • Huge discounts and special deals by retailers, online stores, and shopping malls in the US, and most of them are very attractive and unavoidable.
  • You can shop for a Christmas party. Thus, grab discounts for your special gifts for your family members.
  • Most retailers remain open for long hours and offer discounts till the beginning of next week.
  • It helps to encourage the financial system of the country. Also, retails can clear out increased stock.
  • Looking and struggling for special discounted products is quite exciting. Most of them get stressed while running to grab the deals given on their favorite products.
  • Black Friday shopping season is trending as a family day and a mode to have some quality time with your dear ones while looking for the best and attractive deals.

What are the Disadvantages of Black Friday?

Following are the Disadvantages of Black Friday:

  • People start buying unnecessary things which they don’t require.
  • Few stores make high prices of their products earlier to Black Friday to display fewer discounts.
  • Small shops earn fewer profits compared to big shops on this day as they are unable to compete with huge discounts offered by large stores.
  • Black Friday is sometimes like wasting time. You have to stand in long queues for trying anything new such as clothes or even for making the bills paid.
  • Black Friday causes road jams.
  • Customers get angry and fight while struggling for the best offers. It is even studied that accidents, injuries are taking place every year on this special day in retail houses and shopping malls.
  • Black Friday is observed as the growth of the country’s economy alongside cultural progression. Some even believe that it is overlooking Thanksgiving day.

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