Delete All Emails in Gmail

How to Delete All Emails in Gmail?

Want to clean your Gmail inbox? After using Gmail’s bulk delete option, you can delete all emails in your Gmail account at once in just a few steps or in just a few clicks. This works only on the Gmail official website and we’ll tell you how to delete all emails in Gmail.

If you are using the Gmail app on your smartphones like an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, you can’t be able to delete all emails at once. This means now you will have to go to the Gmail official site to clean your inbox.

Also, know that after deleting all your emails. You can still send emails and receive emails through your Gmail account.

Delete All Gmail Emails at Once

Get started deleting your Gmail emails through some simple steps:

  • first, open an internet browser on your devices
  • Visit Gmail’s official website:
  • Now Log in to your Gmail account with your login credentials.
  • When you are on the Gmail home page, click on “All Mail” located in the left sidebar.
  • If you don’t find the All Mail option, click “More” to find the option.
  • Now, you will see all your Gmail emails, including archived emails.
  • To delete all of these emails, select all of these emails.
  • Click on the “Select” option (a square icon) at the top of the screen
  • Gmail will select all the emails which are displayed on the current screen.
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Note: To select the emails that are not on the following screen, at the top of the emails list, click on the “Select All XYZ Conversations in All Mail,” where “XYZ” is just the number of emails.

  • Now all emails are selected.
  • To start deleting emails
  • Click on the “Trash icon” to delete emails
  • Now, You will find a “Confirm Bulk Action” box.
  • Now, Click “OK” to delete emails.
  • You are done!

If you want to do an empty Trash folder, follow some simple steps

  • Click on the “Trash” folder, located in the left sidebar.
  • Now click on “Empty Trash Now” to delete trash folder emails
  • Now click on “Confirm Deleting Messages.”
  • After that click “OK.”
  • You are done!

If you are also want to clear your spam folder.

  • To clear the spam emails, find the spam folder in the left sidebar.
  • Click on the “Spam.”
  • On the following screen click on “Delete All Spam Messages Now.

You are all done!