How to Make Dark Red Color

In this blog we discuss how to make dark red color with easy steps without any hassle, You can look out the mentioned steps, these steps will clear your doubt without any issues all the provided steps are easy to understand and applicable as well.

What Colors Make Dark Red Color

Mixing red paint with some other color is the most popular approach to make it darker. -You can make modest modifications to paint by blending two different colors of red, however mixing red with green or blue can drastically modify the tone of a color without muddying it. To produce more powerful and dramatic alterations to your paint, add neutral colors like black and brown to a color red. You can also change the appearance of red by using paint or applying more coats.


Method 1: Blend a darker red with your base red.

If you want to make minimal changes to the color profile of a red paint, the best approach is to mix two tones of the same hue together.

You can Mix a red paint with a darker shade of red from same brand and type of paint to make dark red color. Mix maroon, burgundy, or crimson into a light red with a mixing stick or brush until the two tones are completely blended.

This is the fastest method for making minor changes to your red color.

When mixing paints, stick to the same color family. If your base paint is acrylic, combine it with other acrylics to create a new color. Mix semi-gloss oil-based paints with other semi-gloss oil-based paints if your base paint is semi-gloss. If you mix multiple types of paint together, you’ll get a unique result.

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Method 2: Add a little bit of green paint to make a deeper red.

Different tones of brown can be done by mixing neutral colors. Try using a small dab of green to give your red color a brownish undertone if you want to push a red into a darker shade without adding black. Before increasing the amount of green you’re using, start with a combination of 1-part green to every 10-part red.

  • The Darker colors will radically change a lighter paint rapidly to the side of caution by starting with a conservative amount of green before you go further.
  • When you add black to a complexion, it absorbs more light naturally. Using a touch of green to dark red and bright without making a room feel small or a painting appear smoother is a wonderful method to do it.
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Method 3: You can Use an analogous shade of blue to make a red darker and muted.

A violet undertone will darken and deepen a red color. To make dark red color, mix darker reds with softer blues and lighter reds with deeper blues. Before increasing the amount of blue you’re adding, start by mixing 1-part of your complimentary shade with 10-parts of your red.

Light green and brilliant yellow, or dark orange and light red, are examples of similar tones, which have the primary colors near to each other. If you use mostly blue in your red, it will turn purple. So always take care of that as well.

Final Words

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